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ConEd Oil-To-Gas seminar (6/26/13)

Joseph McGowan and Chris Carini of the ConEd Gas Conversion Group, which handles the entire conversion process from initial request to meter turn-on for all applicants in the City, lead the presentation and discussion to walk our members through the natural gas conversion process.

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Department of Buildings Special Inspections Rule Seminar (8/15/11)

The new Special Inspections rule from DOB came into effect this summer. Learn about the new requirements and how to register with the DOB in this seminar.

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Manager's Heating Oil Conversion Seminar (7/25/11)

This seminar provides information to building owners/ managers looking to convert their heating oil systems to cleaner burning fuels. In particular, those looking to comply with the Department of Environmental Protection's rule change requiring #6 oil burning systems to change to #4, #2, or natural gas. Topics covered will include programmatic details, processes for filling and testing, financial incentives, and technical details.

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REBNY Distributed Generation and Combined Heat and Power Systems: Going Green and Saving Green (6/28/11)
Is it the right choice for your building?

Combined Heat and Power systems (CHP) are proven cost and carbon efficient systems which  make use of the waste heat output of a typical generator in order to provide heat and hot water to a building. Systems vary in size and provide significant monetary savings to a building, along with reducing its carbon emissions. The pending phase-out of #6 oil makes now a unique opportunity for buildings who want to install CHP systems.

In this seminar, experts from New York City’s Department of Buildings, the Pace Energy and Climate Center, Con Edison, and Robert Germain PC will discuss everything a building owner or property manager should know about combined heat and power systems.  See if your building is right for CHP and if so, how to install a system in your building.

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REBNY Building Energy Benchmarking Guide (3/21/11)

In 2009, the City Council passed the Greener Greater Buildings package. Local Law 84 requires all buildings greater than 50,000 sq. ft. to benchmark their buildings annually starting 5/1/11. Starting in 2012, commercial buildings' scores will be made publicly available on the Department of Finance's webpage, with residential buildings' scores to be posted in 2013.

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